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Cybersecurity  - Strategy, Architecture and Implementation  

Right protection for your Intellectual property, IT and Business assets. 

It is worth taking time in identifying the security gaps within your organization, your cloud and on-premise and remote systems based on their likelihood of threat occurrence.

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Cybersecurity - Strategy, Architecture and Implementation 

Our core practice addresses all the needs related to security and cybersecurity - whether Device, application, data or Cloud related, as these are the challenges that are being faced predominantly by our customers. 

Leveraging 3 decades of seasoned consulting experience, we have dealt with several technologies, infrastructures and unique challenges as faced by customers  due to several unknowns, At MasonBlue, we focus in defining the unknowns, related to security, cybersecurity analytics and related technologies. We work towards filling the gaps in this regard.  We try NOT to act as everything to everyone, yet we do our best in solving our customers challenges,  effectively through our core team and extended team. When customers come to us with a known or unknown problem, we evaluate based on the need and offer the best quality solution.  We offer solutions to fit all budgets.

How do we operate ?

We assist organizations, SMEs or corporations to establish efficient security policies and strategies, compliance and regulation standards, scalable architecture to align and protect from recent threats and anomalies,  We address cybersecurity from application, infrastructure and data security analytics point of view.   

By combining known threats, architectural design, and the probability of occurrence with mitigation and risk transference strategies, MasonBlue can provide you a quantized valuation of your organization's potential threat and risk exposure.  

We keep qualified Technical and functional resources in our immediate pipeline and network in line of our technical competency.  Our reliable, experienced and innovative professionals (On site, Off site, and Off shore) and recruiting staff are very aggressive to tackle our customer's project needs and creating effective solutions. We offer several service models, to fit in our customer's business, technical and budget needs. Give us a call today, We can support your needs with a quick 24 hour turn-around time.


Entire Cybersecurity Portfolio of Solutions from Compliance, Strategy, Architecture and Implementaion

Internet of Things

Protect your corporate network (Cloud and Non-Cloud) through focusing on network devices (endpoints) by monitoring their status, activities, software, authorization and authentication.

Data Analytics

Capture nearly any on-screen event, user actions, Applications/Windows opened, URLs visited, to protect data by ensuring that employees and contractors are staying within their assigned tasks, and posing no risk to the organization

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