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MasonBlue offers variety of service models to fit our customer needs and budget. We have packaged these service models with unique price models and delivery capability to offer our customers more than what they seek. Following are the three major models we offer. 

Development Service Model

  • Fixed Price  - Customer pays based on scope and delivery, during the planning stage. Customer pays separately for planning effort.  Scope changes will be charged  based on agreed terms. Customer can choose from onsite, offsite or off-shore service delivery. Pricing options vary. 

  • T&M options - On-demand resources for scoped or non-scoped project delivery. Customer pays based on agreed T&M rates. Customer can choose from onsite, offsite or off-shore resources.

  • Agile- Sprint - Story based pricing, Where customer pays the price based on the story size determined during the planning session, regardless of the actual effort required. Stories that were not accepted by the client remain unpaid until completed.

  • Hybrid model - Customer can utilize a mix of these models, to get the best value for them. These are offered during the negotiation stages.

Managed Service Model

Our managed service model is a full service or customized  model  for your security monitoring per device, per user and tiered pricing model.

Shared Resource Model

Our shared resource model offers on demand resources full-time or part-time.


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