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Virtual CIO/CTO/CISO Programs-  Security, Products & Risk Management

Our TOGAF certified resources assist you in analyzing the relationships and dependencies between the various components of IT security architecture and the way they interact with your infrastructure, application development and necessary management. 

What do we cover?

If you are an organization who don't see a need to hire a full time CIO, yet want to keep abreast of the recent trends in technology developments, you are NOT alone. More and more organizations are turning to virtual CIO/CTO/CISO services lately, recognizing that outsourcing the duties to a full-service team delivers more value and  greater support than a single person ever could.

MasonBlue creates a sustainable value for your organization. Our Virtual C-Level program, allows us to share some of the greatest minds to work with you on a need basis, collaborate and advise your IT departments and performs as a conventional CIO/CTO or CISO - assist in implementing the regulatory standards,  Channel your investments towards your business needs, emerging technologies, leverage us to architect and assist with scalable development. 

MasonBlue provides the guidance around security and privacy regulatory and industry standard requirements for our clients, to facilitate security risk assessments, maintaining a collaborative working relationship and offering leadership as needed to keep abreast of developments in the information security space from both a strategic and technical perspective. 


With  ever increasing data breaches, complex cyber threats,  increase use of emerging technologies, reduced support for outdated technologies, further shortage of cybersecurity professionals,  organizations are seeking alternative yet cost effective approach to secure their assets and protect their business  interests.  MasonBlue is YOUR Choice.  Whether a startup, SMEs, micro SMEs or large corporation, we have capacity to serve all, with in a specified budget. We are a team of professionals can certainly be reliable and knowledgeable  to architect and manage your  security program or other development solutions. If you think your that your IT budget is being minimized, then our virtual CISO or CIO-CTO services are the most effective solution.

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