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Our services are around the collection, analysis, and escalation of indications and warnings within your network, to detect and respond to intrusions on computer networks on a timely basis. We use varieties of Network security monitoring tools to accomplish our tasks effectively and to create and automate security alerts. We ensure legitimate access to systems, applications and data enables business operations and delivery of services and products to customers.  Read More

Network Security Monitoring Services

Our network security monitoring should assist you in collecting, analyzing, and correlating security data from across your cloud and on-premises environments to identify threats and intrusions.  Do you have the capacity of knowing of the following in real time ?

  • Who's connected to your network at all times

  • Weakest link in your system

  • How your Virtual networks are exploited

  • Real-time view of Threats and related activity with known malicious hosts

  • Security incidents with correlated event data

  • Regular threat intelligence updates

  • Customized Security policies based on going threats

  • Aggregated events and logs from your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments


​Our Experience


At MasonBlue Security,  We use industry standard products to effectively monitor your security.  Our seasoned professionals can support your organization onsite/offsite and we also bring in offshore capabilities, to support you 24x7.  .      Com


Tools in our Environment

Benefits - Service level Details 

Extensive Threat Visibility

We bring in AI based appliance & tools support and configuration for real time threat visibility to automate the threat management.

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