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On-Demand Resources

Product design and development resources, Incubation assistance, Lab facilities and Resource Augmentation Services

For our customers, Our staff augmentation is to enhance their technical capability- assist in meeting their critical deadlines. Quality resources are always key for the success of any project or deliverable. We keep qualified Technical and functional resources in our immediate pipeline and network in line of our technical competency.

On Demand Resources

For our customers, We maintain a robust pipeline of qualified technical and functional resources aligned with our technical expertise to support our customers. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals and proactive recruiting staff is adept at addressing our customers' project requirements and delivering effective solutions. We prioritize quality over quantity by handpicking resources and providing supplementary training as necessary to align with our service standards. With our agile approach, we typically offer support with in a considerable turnaround time


For professionals - We offer professionals challenging opportunities through both short-term and long-term engagements within our practice. Whether you're seeking project-based work or looking to commit to a more extended partnership, we provide stimulating roles that align with your skills and career aspirations. 


Our Recruitment Model   

Strategic Staffing — At MasonBlue, our Recruitment Model  is centered on a philosophy of not just matching resumes. Leveraging our deep expertise in leading technologies and regular engagement with technical teams, we meticulously identify seasoned and talented resources. We categorize them based on their specific needs and growth trajectories. This approach allows us to provide significant value to our customer's team and continuously measure the effectiveness of our recruitment efforts using real-time metrics.

Retention — At MasonBlue, we proactively engage in Retention strategies that encompass monitoring employee satisfaction, developing robust employee development programs, and meticulously tracking KPIs aimed at retaining key resources pivotal to fostering a fulfilling and productive workplace environment. These elements help us in creating a positive work environment and ensuring that valuable employees are supported and retained, which can ultimately contribute to the success and stability of our customers.  

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