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Critical Skills -Workforce  Development

Exploring a new career ? Try our Boot-Camps  !!
Exploring a new career ? 
Try our Boot-Camps  !!


  • Affordable – We beat the market price 

  • Convenient – We leverage your onsite/online training facility - offering you the flexibility in training at your desk or home.  

  • Scalable – We can train up to 25 students in a single class

  • That's our promise to our customers

Cream of our training focuses on Cybersecurity and related technologies. Whether functional, testing or awareness, out training puts our resources ahead of market and their competition. We build the capacity for our  practice and for our customers. Our instructors are seasoned and certified experts in the field and bring in domain specific functional and technical expertise bringing leading industry examples and scenerios to master the topics. 

We conduct frequent  boot camps that are customized and job-focused. With the new generation of technologies getting added so rapidly, we strive to fill the void in critical skills, using our experience rapidly.  We do this through personalized instructions, working hand-in-hand. 


Driven by the market need for critical skills we identify qualified candidates within our core practice area and offer training to absorb them into our practice. We leverage our years of experience from the industry and also our collaborative infrastructure. 

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