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About MasonBlue Security

Your Value added Partner

Who we are

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Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the MasonBlue Security team offers expert-level cybersecurity solutions focused on Identity & Access Management, Risk management and controls and related solutions across across all critical information security domains. With a global team of partners of over 50 seasoned certified professionals and practitioners located internationally, MasonBlue is a preferred partner for companies seeking to effectively align their business models and management styles with emerging technologies.

For over 25+ years our principals and team have created many custom and platform-based IT and solutions to large and mid sized companies in Financial, Auto, Healthcare, Banking, Retail, State govt, Federal govt and other SMB sectors.  . 

Our Team

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Our team brings in strong leadership, highly accomplished accolades, we have achieved exponential growth since our inception in 2004. Our client base is comprised of some of the world’s most recognized brands in a wide range of industries including banking & finance, commercial & retail, healthcare, higher education, government agencies, transportation & utilities.

We are committed to bring the best to your organization. We heavily invest in training and resources to maintain the highest level of certification for deployment and support of all of the leading technology stacks.

Core Values

We constantly strive to challenge ourselves in an effort to provide high quality solutions and services to our customers in an effort to exceed their  expectations. Leveraging our industry experience, R&D efforts, industry best practices and trained employees, We will constantly keep abreast of new technology challenges, programs that enable us to offer continuous improvements and do our job right the first time and every time.

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Our clients

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At MasonBlue Security, we take pride in serving a diverse portfolio of corporate clients spanning various industries and sectors.


From multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, we cater to the unique cybersecurity needs of each client with precision and expertise.


Our corporate clientele includes leading organizations in finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and beyond. By understanding the distinct challenges and regulatory requirements of each industry, we deliver tailored cybersecurity solutions that ensure the highest level of protection for our clients' valuable assets and sensitive data.


With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, MasonBlue Security is the trusted partner of choice for businesses seeking unparalleled cybersecurity services.

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