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SIEM Integration and Automation  

Utilizing our in-house talent and technology partners, We support several Open source and Commercial Threat Intelligence Platforms, such as Alien Vault, IBM X-Force, Online/Opensource block lists/feeds and tracker tools to bring in a most comprehensive package.  We also support any platforms as utilized by our  end clients.

Need for SIEM Tools

Cyber threat incident volumes are increasing day by day and have showed increased complex threats during last year alone during pandemic situations and getting harder to analyze.  Staying on top of the shifting threat landscape has become a major task in itself.  Analysis of Threat Intelligence spans across Fraud Prevention, Vulnerability Management, Identity Management, Intrusion Detection, End Point Detection, User Activity Monitoring and many more. requires a tool to analyze them properly.

SIEM software is one, that  collects and aggregates log data generated throughout the organization's technology infrastructure, from host systems and applications to network and security devices such as firewalls and antivirus filters

How can we help you?

There are several SIEM tools in the market. Our team can help you pick the most affordable and best for your organization. At MasonBlue, We leverage several industry standard tools, opensource lists and IP feeds to bring in the effectiveness you need that fits within your budget.  Most of the cases, we would research and understand the configuration and other challenges at our lab, even before we implement them at our client locations. 



​Benefits for your organization



You get significant advantages and start to collect information from different sources by monitoring them for content that’s relevant to your business, and responding as part of your information security strategy.

The types of intelligence you can uncover with this approach include:

  • Leaked corporate credentials, data, and code.

  • Visibility of new vulnerabilities.

  • Threat trends that highlight potential new risks.



Capture heterogeneous data from different vendors, logs,  formats and fields. Join multiple similar events into one event based on conditions.



Normalize the aggregated heterogeneous data from different vendors, logs,  formats, fields to facilitate the SIEM correlation rules execute a lot more efficiently.



Discover complex attack patterns with correlation of normalized data. Create rules utilizing intuitive rule builder, define new attack patterns easy.



Detect computer attacks and/or misuse, and to alert for proper actions upon detection. An IDS installed on a network provides much the same purpose as a burglar alarm system installed in a house.

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Forensics and Response

Protect your corporate network (Cloud and Non-Cloud) through focusing on network devices (endpoints) by monitoring their status, activities, software, authorization and authentication.

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User Activity Monitoring

Capture nearly any on-screen event, user actions, Applications/Windows opened, URLs visited, to protect data by ensuring that employees and contractors are staying within their assigned tasks, and posing no risk to the organization

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